Are a collection of solo and group art installations I have been involved in.

Chairs & Windows Installation. Space 743, San Francisco, CA Chairs & Windows Installation. Space 743, San Francisco, CA

In an installation called “Chairs & Windows,” I created a churchlike setting within a gallery by lining up my concrete chairs and stools in rows facing a series of my stained-glass artworks.  I am especially interested in the popular metaphor of “seeing through” something, evading deception and obtaining true answers. Not only can outer appearances be deceiving, but the internal workings can also be misleading.

Fire Station #2 is an installation I created for an architectural firm located in an historic fire station. In bronze I have cast miniature fire engines as well as fire hydrants to use as a functional irrigation system. This installation plays with the history of the building and refers as well to the principal’s prized collection of “pot metal” model buildings.

I’m Clean was a collaboration of U.B. Morgan, Iris Tonies, Kirsten Campbell and Estudio Nomada.  We collected and cut fabric and made them into lines of colorful rope that when combined created a magical tent. We then asked viewers to write their “sins” on white sheets of fabric to hang on the installation.  At the closing of the event we washed away the written sins in an interactive performance piece.