About me

I graduated with a degree in studio art and international studies from the University of Southern California.  After university I set up studios in Los Angeles and later San Francisco.  Since 2005 I have been living and working in Barcelona, Spain.

I am foremost known as a sculptor, and I teach three-dimensional arts in Barcelona.  I enjoy exploring materials and textures while questioning through my artwork larger themes of religion, sexuality, mass consumption, originality-vs.-replication, and design.

My video collaboration with fellow artist Jann Nunn resulted in the documentary “The Bradfords Tour America,” which toured international film festivals to great acclaim.

Innovative uses of photography is the focus of a recent project.  “My Beard,” is a photo series and video in which I comically explore issues of identity and perception.

I pride myself on my attention to the attention to detail and the unique, handmade aspect of each object that I create.  I often use cross-cultural references to art historical themes.  Most evident in my work is my use of humor as a crafted tool in order to draw the viewer into considering serious social issues. 

And I’m a lot funnier than this bio would suggest. Take a look at my portfolio and feel free to giggle with awe or embarrassment.